Coming into Winter


The leaves are nearly all gone in some bits of town now, at least it means I can see the view that was hidden all spring and summer!



When all my strength had left me. When everything I thought I knew fell out from under me. When my world felt like it was collapsing and I had nowhere to go. She always knew the way. Strong, fierce child of mine – you are forever my light.

Foxtail and Kody Walk Into the Forest

Winter Birthday


My mum told me the other day that it was snowing when they brought me home from the hospital, and this year it snowed again. Probably explains why I’m so obsessed with the North. However it doesn’t explain why I’m obsessed with coffee.

I turned a year older, so I celebrated by drinking way too much coffee and looking at books.

James took me to the Peak District, to a place called Scarthin where there was a tiny road that was about 2 meters wide, containing a lovely old 3 storey rickety bookshop called Scarthin Books. If you are remotely in the area, I highly insist on you going there. I’d suggest that it is for bookshops what Dumbledore is to the wizarding world. Tall, old, and years of knowledge that you just want to clamber around in and explore.


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My 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts

I’m always on the look-out for inspiring people to follow on instagram, but I only really find out who to follow, when other people re-gram other people’s photos or post products they have made, and that’s a rarity. So I’d love to hear who your favourite instagrammers are, who are your recommendations?
Here are mine:

Design Love Fest
@iheartbloghop and @designlovefest for Bri’s personal one
These girls do photoshop courses for bloggers, in THE most beautiful way, I just can’t even. Their website is go check it.

Anna Rifle Bond
She is the illustrator and owner of the gorgeous stationery company Rifle Paper Co, I mean she’s really successful and has a company based in New York and hangs out in Oxford and designs books for Puffin and stuff.

Elise Blaha Cripe
Blogger, designer maker, cool person, my online spirit guide.

Dark, mysterious, forests, wilderness…

Free People Blog
Folk style clothing company, but they have the best DIYs.

Nature artist, folk style illustration, beautiful line drawings onto pebbles, feathers etc

Snow, coffee, forests, the quiet life

Maker of leather bags, diarist, bookbinding, folky stuff.

Maker, artist, letter writer. She used to be called Coffee Collective but she changes her name from time to time. Her vibe is like dark, sleepy quiet coffee days and hand written letters. Real name Tiara Nicole Hayes.

Have Company, in USA, Apothecary, artists prints, textiles and gallery.

Also mine is @foxtailandkody so don’t forget to check that out too!


Sea Queen and The Polar Bear


A valentines day card in the making. The marriage of the Sea Queen and the Polar Bear King was celebrated through the kingdom.

The tribal markings on the polar bears of the North forests were passed on generation after generation. The bears earned their markings, the highest being the fish bone on the top of the head gained only through proven bravery and courage. A marking of this kind signified royalty among the tribe. It was believed the fish markings were meant to bring good luck, in the form of fruitful harvests to the tribe.

A short Film: The Fox of Bloody Women Island

The Fox Of Bloody Women Island from Bureau of Explorers on Vimeo.

It’s not what you think, there are no women covered in blood running away from foxes. It’s about a boat builder in Northern Norway who basically has a perfect life.
As you will probably see from my art and stories, I am kind of completely in love with scandinavia, foxes, forests and snow. The wilderness of the North is utterly beautiful to me. The snow, the forests and the folklore that comes out of there is so inspiring.

Watch and enjoy X