Foxtail and Kody are illustrations by Annelise Atkinson.

Foxtail is a young girl, a forest wildling journeying through the forests of Northern Norway. Having descended from the wild fox tribe of Klantcpin, she is distinguishable by her long red hair with white tip, like a fox’s tail. After her sister was captured by the Fahls – a man tribe, she was sent away to live with distant relatives for protection, but when she arrived she found they had deserted their camp. With nowhere to go, she was left to fend for herself, surviving on her forest smarts with the help of her bear friend, Kody.

These illustrations depict the story of their journey, the folk they meet and the adventures they have as they seek to travel and live in the forest, with the hope of one day finding Foxtail’s sister and being a family again.

The paintings acrylic on wood, and are painted by me in my studio here in Nottingham. They are available as prints, and are for sale in my etsy shop, as well as other items, natural remedies and forest findings that bring the story to life.



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