Winter Birthday


My mum told me the other day that it was snowing when they brought me home from the hospital, and this year it snowed again. Probably explains why I’m so obsessed with the North. However it doesn’t explain why I’m obsessed with coffee.

I turned a year older, so I celebrated by drinking way too much coffee and looking at books.

James took me to the Peak District, to a place called Scarthin where there was a tiny road that was about 2 meters wide, containing a lovely old 3 storey rickety bookshop called Scarthin Books. If you are remotely in the area, I highly insist on you going there. I’d suggest that it is for bookshops what Dumbledore is to the wizarding world. Tall, old, and years of knowledge that you just want to clamber around in and explore.





I got a book called ‘Creative Advertising’ (it’s amazing) and a book that was one of my favourites when I was little, by Kate Greenaway. She was one of the most prolific illustrators of the Victorian times, drawing beautiful pictures but combining them with poems. Often kind of creepy for want of a better word, I still loved it, perhaps because I was intrigued by the darkness of it, when most things for children seemed to be hiding those things. The book is called Under the Window.


My love for Just William was revived, except at £40 for this book, I realised I didn’t love it THAT much. It did have a note inside saying Dear Johnny, with love from Grandma, Christmas 1939. 🙂


Yes, Take Jennings for instance!

IMG_3145Regretting not getting this red mug. I used to do ceramics, and getting red that vivid is actually really hard! I have since considered ringing them up and asking them to send it to me…IMG_3133Then we went to a nearby craft centre



My favourite thing at the moment in countryside world is small collections of trees on the tops of hills. I have an idea for a birthday part there, far away from everything, in the summer, with your favourite people and good food.


Tea and cake happened, and we drove home through the snow as it got dark, and watched Crocodile Dundee (what?!). There is none such greater pleasure than spending your birthday with loved ones, filling it with books, pottery, countryside, tea, cake.

Here’s to many more xxx


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