This is Foxtail


I’d like to introduce you to Foxtail. As you can see, she is a fierce little thing. So-called because of her flaming red hair with a white tip of like a fox’s tail, she is descended from the fox folk of the Wild Fiskar Forest, in the highest tip of Norway. She is a wildling, young but fierce, she has the courage and wisdom far beyond her years and has learnt to journey through the forests with just one companion; Kody.

That’s the story so far, I haven’t yet got to the bit where she meets a tattoo’d polar bear who is married to a sea queen…

This painting is acrylic on wood, and I will be selling the prints in my Etsy shop as 8 x 8 for £15 each.

Writing this has made me suddenly very hungry so I’m off to get some sort of nourishment.

Love to you all,

Annie X


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