A Snowy Christmas Village

The snow fell on Boxing day this year, making it still a white christmas in my book. One of my favourite things about England is the little villages, the small redbrick terraced houses and the country pubs with their log fires that burn brightly and make you feel so cosy amid the cold snow and frost, and there’s nothing quite like putting your feet up by the fire to thaw out after a day of sledging and playing in the snow.

We went to Belvoir Castle and found the steepest hill we could find, and decided to conquer it with our make-shift snowboards (skateboards with the wheels taken off). The view of the village and the castle in the background made this the prettiest scenes, there was a wood behind us and houses that backed onto it, that made me think how wonderful it would be to live in a house like that with the whole wood to explore, and all the magical stories you could create with a wild imagination.. I think Foxtail and Kody would be very at home there.

snow_hill snowboarding snowsledgesbelvoir_castle

IMG_2757 IMG_2746



As it started to get dark we headed off to a pub in the village for food and then back home for some cups of tea and warmth. I love days like these, and I’m so lucky to be able to spend it with my favourite snow buddy, who doesn’t think twice about snowboarding down a hill on a dismantled skateboard.

I hope you’ve had a lovely snowy time wherever you are too, Love, A XXX


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